About Regency Imports

 There are two divisions to Regency Imports Ltd both owned and managed by Anne Batley-Burton whose passion and enthusiasm for wine and love of France initially attracted her to the wine industry in France about 16 years ago. Personal service to customers whether large or small is an important part of company policy.

Servicing the New Zealand Wine Industry

We are proud to be the New Zealand Agents for Tonnelleries Radoux, and Claude Gillet, both of which supply excellent quality barrels utilizing different toasting techniques therefore imparting different complexities of flavour to the wines.

We are also suppliers of Alternative Oak Products from Pronektar for those who wish to impart oak flavour to their wines without the cost of a new barrel.

For many years now we have been the agents for Ramondin S A , world leaders in top quality tin capsule production. We can now also supply top quality screwcaps, specialising in top qualtiy designs for wineries who want something unique to set them apart in the market place. This is of particular to the smaller - medium size wineries.
Muselets for sparkling wines are also one of our products.

The importation of French Wines and Champagne

Owing to the vast range of contacts made over the years during her regular visits to France and her travels throughout the wine regions of NZ we have the opportunity of buying direct from the wineries, at preferential prices, a wide range of wines all based on the policy of good value for money. We also import, on an indent basis a range of top quality wines from Burgundy and Bordeaux.

Advice on developing your own wine cellar is one of her specialities as her regular visits to NZ wineries when selling wine barrelsgives her the opportunity to assess NZ wines prior to bottling. Wines are all sold direct to our customers for whom we can arrange wine tastings at their premises giving them the opportunity to taste wines prior to purchase and to learn more about the French Appellation Controlee system,and the ever developing NZ wine industry.

We are happy to supply mixed case lots and deliver free of charge right to your door in the Auckland area.

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